A person I admire

Many will not agree with me in this case. Or they may laugh at me. I also expect some foolish comments here. But that doesn’t stop me. There are few peoples I admire. The things they did in their fields. The work towards making a better world. Helping others. And this guy is one of them. And he is Bill Gates.

27th June 2008 was the last day of this man in Microsoft. He did a great work in making Windows a common OS. Wherever you go the default OS will be Windows variant. Though he may not have programmed it all by himself. But the work done in promoting made this OS a great success. Microsoft is Microsoft because of him.

There are millions of users to criticize Windows. But the truth is, it is the best OS. The Internet is Internet due to Windows. The simplicity in using the OS did the trick. Now there are some users who are Anti-Microsoft and hence hate this man. I would like to tell at this point that I’m not Microsoft supporter, neither I’m paid by them to write this nor I’m against them. This is just for the man behind Microsoft.

I don’t want to go into the charity stuff he did. As almost anyone that rich does that. The work done by him has surely made the world a small place. He helped in making the world small place. The huge success of Windows 98 and then Windows XP. Somehow he failed with the latest OS Vista. I didn’t like that. Nothing is perfect. So this was a failure I guess.

I wish him a good healthy life ahead and does great in the coming future.

P.S : Will he do this now???

Bill gates recommend ubuntu

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