Small Belly, Big Belly

Time: 3.00pm
Location: The hall of my house where I am sitting on a chair with both my legs up. It’s a mystery how I got this habit of sitting.
Channel: Some random channel which was airing Munnabhai MBBS.
Scene: The scene where Munna asks Circuit to bring a dead body so that he can understand dissection properly. I doubt any of Medical student will bring a special body to understand what he is studying. You need to take interest and have a strong will, motivation to study. Circuit looks around and his eyes catch a Chinese fella.
Circuit to Chinese: Come on. I’ll show you Tajmahal, Kutubminar and all..
Chinese: No. I want to see real India. Poor People, Hungry People.

I have one question to ask. Why India is synonymous to “Poor People Hungry People”?? Who said there are poor and hungry people only in India? Why the media, especially television, display false information to the whole world? One film capturing the poverty in particular part of India won Oscar. Not just one but eight of them. Every news channel aired reviews, shows, special features regarding that movie. I agree that the movie was good. But someone should have featured the wrong side of the road. Continue reading →

Towards a Digital Globe

Question: Which is the most used language in this world?
Answer: Chinese. No English. No Hindi…

The fight goes on. Question remains unanswered. Most used language changes according to time. So what is the correct answer of this question? Personally I feel it is Binary language. Don’t laugh.( Actually you should 😀 ) It is the truth. I cannot prove it statistically and I am not writing this to prove this also.

Just to convince you a little bit. What is the language of computer? It is not the one you are writing or your operating system is running. It is Binary language. Just ones and zeros that add, subtract, divide, multiply and give you the results. There may be thousands of languages around the world. People speak different languages but computer speaks only one languages. I don’t have to further tell you how much computers are used in today’s word. Do I?

Decades ago, There was nothing digital. Everything analog which creates noise and need more maintenance. This mostly applies to communication field but not limited to. After the discovery of diodes and triodes, the world started moving towards a digital age. All analog things started to be replaced by digital ones. Much of them proved to be more efficient. Now many of us hate analog things. Just as an example.. Do you prefer digital camera or analog? Bike with digital odometer or analog?

We are moving towards a digital globe. Soon everything you think will turn to digital. Not everything actually. But most of the things. It has already started. It may seem that we are making progress by going digital, it may not be true. Analog has an edge that it can be controlled by the one who drives it. When it’s digital you can’t say. You may not have control over that. I like some things digital and it includes my watch also. But the classy analog watch is still the best.

I am not at all trying to make you stop from buying anything digital. Just remember, tomorrow the robot washing your clothes may wash them with you inside the cloth.

Think Nonsense…