The Definition Of Night

It’s almost 11 pm and I was about to enter my room. Just then I thought of looking up in the sky. Wanted to check if the moon was still there. This curiosity was due to lunar eclipse held on 1st January. The moon was not there (Did Rahu swallowed it for real?). I tried searching the sky from back and sides of my house. It was nowhere. Darkness was trying to conquer the whole world. The fluctuating street lamp was fighting like a brave injured soldier.


Within seconds, I started traveling back in time. Why for sudden I was back in time? Curiosity increased as my flashbacks rendered an incident when I was five years old. I am in my bed aside my parents and sister. It’s dark and my father just switched off radio. Few minutes later, cats started fighting on the roof making strange sounds. Their meow was now meOOOOOOOOwwww. Fear was dominating emotion. My parents convinced me that cats won’t hurt me. I closed my eyes and never knew when I was covered by blanket of sleep. At that age, Night meant fear for me.

Now I am ten years old. I am naughty and mischievous child busy in playing and planning mischief. I made good friends in school and was enjoying every bit of time. Time was insufficient for my activities. I don’t want to sleep. Night, at that stage, was a big spoilsport.

A few years later, I am in higher secondary. I was just getting serious about my studies. A time when I was surrounded by the mystery of chemistry. I was fighting with chemistry and it’s allies during the night time. Night meant a teacher who was teaching me how to fight.

Now I am in my most beautiful days of my life. Yes the college days. Bunking lectures, chit-chatting, making fun of one another, GMgiri and what not. In between all these, there was study and assignments. Time was insufficient once again. Copying journals, tracing drawings, completing notes was the job during the night. Night was a savior.

Out of the college, I am on a job. Life started teaching what life is. I was making new friends. But the fun that was in my college days, disappeared. Whole day it was work and work and work. Night was the only time for enjoyment. Night meant joy now.

Here I am in my present on a different job. Lost somewhere and trying to find my path. Sometimes, I loose my confidence for not finding this path in the mist of emotions, attachments, failures. Hope is everything I have and it’s a part of my soul.

Things change drastically with time.
The Night which meant fear for me
The Night which was a big spoilsport
The Night which meant a teacher
The Night which was a savior
The Night which meant joy changed it’s definition again.
Night is now just a part of the day.

Till you find your definition of night…
Think Nonsense…

P.S.: 1)If you don’t know what is GMgiri then visit some college.
2) Don’t confuse my story telling with Raaz Pichle Janam ka.

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  1. Applauses! A very realistic description of “night” and very true indeed :D. Since I am a great fan of “P.S.” I liked the (2) one…a great disclaimer if I may say so 8)

    P.S. You’ve a cool blog!! *claps- yet again*

  2. Nice one! The picture is beautiful. Just like the night there are many things and feelings which change with time and age. I’ve never thought about night in this aspect though. Good going..

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