What’s this September?

After the holidays, which I couldn’t enjoy due to being a bed-pal, I am back now. Things going haywire for me or may be not. In complete confusion, I have joined my new job. Whatever I had planned is into the vain due to this step. Isn’t that sentence familiar to you? Anyways, I decided not to plan anything for this month. I am completely stuck, stopped, blank at this moment. Blank as a blackboard. Just to get rid of this blankness, I am writing this.

Oh.. One more thing. This month is going to be a lot more fun. I got hint regarding this as my PC stopped working and created a lot of problems. My monitor rendered nice fancy patches like that in modern art gallery. Somehow I have managed to get it working. Great start for this month.

P.S.: Who says I am very sarcastic? I just need to read The Alchemist again.

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