Dasvidaniya – Ten things I wish to do

I saw this film Dasvidaniya. That was a week ago. I cried. I cried many times during the film. Thank god there was no one at home. I was alone. Otherwise it would have been an embarrassing situation for me. In this society there is no room for men to cry. There are rooms for all other things including smoking room but not for crying. I am going to watch this again in an hour or so with my family. I better search for black glasses.

I don’t want to review this film. I can tell you though it’s a must watch. This year has been the best year of my life in terms of watching good films.  This is the third film I cried in the single year. Earlier it was just one movie way back in 2004. I’ll write a post regarding this separately. I have to fill this blog one or the other way.  :angel:

So it’s been a week I watched this movie. But I am writing now. That’s because of this post by L. V. Subramaniam in short LVS. Nicely written post which connects the last wish in the movie with the martyrs of 26/11 Mumbai attacks. And I was also thinking of writing my ten wishes till I say goodbye to all. You can laugh if you feel so.

1. Learning Guitar – This is my long waiting wish. I am searching for a good teacher now.

2. To be a photographer – I am just about to break everything out and expose myself to photography world. Still amateur, I want to become a professional.

3. Well known Netizen – Many try to find a place on this WWW. I want to be someone well known. Not just vanish with time.

4. A tour to Darjeeling – Want to be there in winters.

5. One book – What?? I know I don’t write that great. But well I may be able to write after practicing. This blog is helping me a lot.

6. Activist on AIDS – Will not interest many. But I want to do anything possible to spread word about AIDS and how to prevent it.

7. Love – To someone special (A girl of course. I am straight). I am still getting 404 errors regarding this. Lets see when I get the message “Girl found.. Waiting for reply”

8. My country – Like all young fellows have dream I too want to do good to my country. If I am successful in my profession I am sure it would help to achieve this.

9. A good human being – All of us have bad elements within us. I want to remove them and be a good human being.

10. And last and must. A smile on the face of my parents just and just because of me. Yet to witness that. If I fulfill this then all above doesn’t matter much to me.

Was that too much? May be.  I think I have time to complete those. What are your wishes. If you blog about them then please leave a trackback so that other can read your wishes to.

Till you write about your wishes…

Think Nonsense…

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  1. Hey thanks. I don’t belong to these parts. Currently I give info to the labors on sites. And it’s really difficult to join at this moment as I am just trying to arrange my time to and then get some time free. When I’ll get this on regular basis I’ll join. It doesn’t make sense when you join NGO and you cannot give time to the activities.

  2. I can help you with one.

    Contact Snehalaya – An NGO in Ahmednagar working in the area of rehabilitation of AIDS and children of distressed women. I know the founder Girish Kulkarni. He is a fine man. I don’t know from which part of India you are, but if you are in Maharashtra, it will be worth speaking to Girish or Milind (who is secretary).

    Or drop me an email.

    Snehalaya and Girish’s address in India.

    Head Office – Ahmednagar, Maharastra State, INDIA.

    Opp. Chitra Talkies,
    Near Gandhi Maidan,
    Ahmednagar ( M.S.)
    +91 241-232755, 2327666, 2327593
    +91 9422224386

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