A Gentleman In Moscow

I have always averted from reading Russian novels. They have this gloomy story, sombre shades and often filled with melancholy. This is what I had heard about the Russian books. When I finished reading this book, I found the description to be quite accurate.
This story might be relatable to some because of current lockdown situation in many places over the world. The protagonist, Count Alexander Rustov, is sentenced to house arrest for life in a hotel right in the heart of Moscow city. We cannot stay inside the comforts of our home for a couple of days and he has to live for life. So the premise was interesting. I was curious to know how he will live his whole life when within few pages he was standing on the edge of parapet, trying to end his life. But the story unfolds beautifully from there on. 
This book takes you down the memory lane, into a restaurant which serves you nostalgia as aperitif, shaken and stirred, along with three course nostalgia, which brings forth a bouquet of memories which remind you of some fragrances which you might have forgotten by passage of time. 
I loved almost everything about this book. The characters, especially Count and Sofia, they will be difficult to forget. I will remember them as real people. I cannot complain anything about story, characters, writing. There isn’t much room for that. What I can complain is the fact that it bombards too many unfamiliar words which I have to look often into dictionary. Then there is usage of Russian and French which I have guessed. Didn’t have the patience to translate it online. Also, a few more pages of romance between Count and Anna would have been like cherry on cake. 
All in all, it’s a fantastic read. One which might help you change your perspective about life in current situation. Or maybe even in future when everything is normal. Full marks from me. 
P. S: I wouldn’t have thought of reading this one if it wasn’t for Geetika who gifted me this one my birthday. Thanks so much ❤️

Dasvidaniya – Ten things I wish to do

I saw this film Dasvidaniya. That was a week ago. I cried. I cried many times during the film. Thank god there was no one at home. I was alone. Otherwise it would have been an embarrassing situation for me. In this society there is no room for men to cry. There are rooms for all other things including smoking room but not for crying. I am going to watch this again in an hour or so with my family. I better search for black glasses.

I don’t want to review this film. I can tell you though it’s a must watch. This year has been the best year of my life in terms of watching good films.  This is the third film I cried in the single year. Earlier it was just one movie way back in 2004. I’ll write a post regarding this separately. I have to fill this blog one or the other way.  :angel:

So it’s been a week I watched this movie. But I am writing now. That’s because of this post by L. V. Subramaniam in short LVS. Nicely written post which connects the last wish in the movie with the martyrs of 26/11 Mumbai attacks. And I was also thinking of writing my ten wishes till I say goodbye to all. You can laugh if you feel so. Continue reading →