Things looking good

So my database is lost. I don’t have backup of last month. Now I am trying to get all stuff posted in that timeline back on blog. It will be done tomorrow. I am happy that things are coming back to normal. Thanks to Google which saved a copy of all my post in it’s cache.

I didn’t get any reply from my webhost about backup. Looks like it was fraud. Leave that. No point in referring to those things again. It’s better to forget and do a fresh start. One bad thing is that I lost my position in Google search. I have to regain it soon.

Till I start writing nonsense you can try making faces with burger. Just an example…


Think Nonsense…

Dasvidaniya – Ten things I wish to do

I saw this film Dasvidaniya. That was a week ago. I cried. I cried many times during the film. Thank god there was no one at home. I was alone. Otherwise it would have been an embarrassing situation for me. In this society there is no room for men to cry. There are rooms for all other things including smoking room but not for crying. I am going to watch this again in an hour or so with my family. I better search for black glasses.

I don’t want to review this film. I can tell you though it’s a must watch. This year has been the best year of my life in terms of watching good films.  This is the third film I cried in the single year. Earlier it was just one movie way back in 2004. I’ll write a post regarding this separately. I have to fill this blog one or the other way.  :angel:

So it’s been a week I watched this movie. But I am writing now. That’s because of this post by L. V. Subramaniam in short LVS. Nicely written post which connects the last wish in the movie with the martyrs of 26/11 Mumbai attacks. And I was also thinking of writing my ten wishes till I say goodbye to all. You can laugh if you feel so. Continue reading →

Tuesday Readings 07

I know you are bored of reading my blog. Probably you visit my blog on every Tuesday just to find something other than nonsense. Do you like my choice of readings??

This one I found through digging. I digg in my garden sometimes to get rid of weeds. But this digging is different and it leads to good reading stuff. 20 Things to do on Your Day Off is a post most of you will be looking for. It mentions just what it says. Many times you get out of ideas. You need someone to suggest. This one tells you what to do when  you have off from your work. I liked the 5th tip. :angel:

From the above post I jumped to zen please. That is the thing most of you must have done or will be doing now. Wow!!! I found one more post to blog about. 5 Simple Ways to Getting Things Done opens your eyes. Some more tips for me to get my life organized. What stroked me was the picture which looks like Garfield and brightens the post.

Next is my Entrecard dropper. I found her bog in my top droppers list. I confess that I don’t read all the blog I drop. Forget all not even my top droppers. But the things will change now. I’ll read at least top 10 droppers. Blessed am I is a “what I have” list. Such lists are often the fruit of “bored of blogging”. I don’t know about this post. Of all, the last one holds good for me very well. I have my faith in God.

Will be back next week with another readings post. That will pile up my archive. ^_^

Think Nonsense…