When Superheroes Retired

This post is inspired from my previous post. A part of this originates from the movie Incredibles. You decide whether to call this plagiarism or improvisation(what’s that???). If you haven’t seen that movie then you may also think that the director lifted my idea to make his film. I am leaving this up to you to make your brain think for a while and get some exercise else it would rust lying idle there.

99% of you must have figured out by now that I’ll be talking about superheroes. These are peoples just like you and me but having weird dressing sense. I actually call them superheroes because no one else can wear their dresses. Who will wear an underwear above his pants? Who will wear capes which may get stuck and out you into trouble? My shirt gets stuck to latches, corner of table, nails and such sharp or pointed things(May be I am a bit careless). Imagine how they must be handling it.

Superheroes were born to fight against crime and save the cities or the whole world from evil things. Just for a second, try to recall a person who fights against crime or is trying to deliver justice. You’ll notice that he faces a lot of criticism and actually people are against him. Similar thing is about superheroes. It’s even said that they create their own troubles and then solve those so that everyone calls them superheroes. So much for bring super.

When the things became unbearable, these superheroes hibernated. That’s why I\You don’t see anyone flying in the skying wearing capes. (Hmmmm… Superheroes who can fly wear capes). No one leaving webs behind as a sign of his existence. Less work for the cleaning authority. One common thing in all these superheroes is that they all originate in US.(Almost all) One day while walking down the streets I found this superhero in McDonald’s.

He was wearing like a normal guy(with a  belly). You can check my previous post to see how he looked like.
I: Hi Man!! Howzz life going?

Man: Going great. Actually enjoying it.

I: How can you when the world needs you. Crime rate has increased exponentially and you are here eating burgers? Don’t you have any responsibilities? Don’t you remember the phrase “With power comes responsibility”?

Man: Yeah Yeah… Government is taking care of it. I am paying taxes to  fight against crime. Besides, the public reaction for government is the same when I was fighting against the crime. It doesn’t make much difference. Why should I ruin my life?

I: Seriously tell me. Are you happy?

Man: Of course. Why shouldn’t I? Now there is no one making fun of me due to my dressing sense. If they do they are making fun of themselves as I look like them. I got friends now instead of fans(pointing to a group of big bellied peoples). I get to eat burgers and pizzas which is the best food in whole universe. Add to it a beer can. I don’t have to live two lives as now I have only one life to live. No more Multiple Personality Disorder. Anymore reasons you want?

I: (Shocked and stunned)…

Man: Now if you excuse I got a party to enjoy.

I pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming.

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  1. He he.. Nothing offended me here. You took my comment the wrong way. In fact I like critical comments that will help me to improve my writings. :whistle:

  2. If someone is rubbishing non-sense in the society and around them thru the posts and writings it makes sense! and if someone like you got so many readers and following then it is rightly expected as well…

    Will go thru the some of your old posts in hope that I will get something worthwhile to read since you got good writing and narration skills.

    PS: The idea to make those ‘sleeping’ awake and to entertain readers to your posts! and yes, didn’t mean to offend it was just a critical observation. Thought you will take it in your stride!

  3. I actually never recommend anyone to read my blog and waste their time. :angel: But if you do want then check the posts in “Nonsense” category.

    After reading your comment now I do want to recommend my blog to the insomniacs. My blog will act as a cure free of cost. :sleep: :sleep: Also finding sensible content on Nonsense blog doesn’t make any sense. :p

  4. really a non-sense! or maybe it refused to make sense to moi…

    i pinched myself to check if i am awake after reading it or did i fall asleep half way thru… will come bk to read yr old posts, maybe i find some sensible ones!!! any recommendations ?

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