Goal is not just term used in football, hockey or alike ball games. Goal is something most important in your life and a must for success. Whatever is your profession, whatever may be your qualification, make sure you keep a goal. This always lets you go ahead.

But just setting a goal is not enough. You must try to achieve it. Setting up goals and not working for them will not lead you to success. Many times we set goals and never try to achieve them. Remember the new year resolutions you make. Something similar. You make some resolution just for the sake and at the end of year you find yourself nowhere near them. But goals are not just resolutions.

Many time you set resolutions which doesn’t make some sense. Yeah they are nonsense. So don’t mind setting them. Some nonsense is always good. Goals are not nonsense. They are your path to success. Never neglect these goals. It feels great when you reach them. Don’t believe me then set a goal and achieve it.

It’s sounds great tooo.

Think Nonsense…

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