Addicted Cat

Drinking is something which you should avoid. I’m not talking about drinking water or the health drinks etc. Drinking is alcohol. See you knew that. But I wanted to waste 2-3 seconds of your life. Sometimes you drink at home. This “you” may not be a drinker. I don’t consider all to be one of that category. But when you drink at home it may have adverse effect on the ones living in your house. They also imitate that. And it includes any family member. Including this..

cat drinker

Now thats too much. Please quit drinking alcohol…

This social message is issued by International Cat Society. Please don’t ask me where it is. xD

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  1. Hey sorry previous one is wrong comment.. Kindly delete it…. It’s not for you…

    Cat seems to be really innocent… Try even more different dude…

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