On a high

Yesterday my blog got the highest visits and highest number of page views. 150 visitors and 400+ page views. It was overwhelming for me. I couldn’t believe the numbers 😮 my counter displayed. It was all because someone stumbled upon my blog post. Though the traffic was temporary, meaning I don’t expect those users to visit again, It was pleasing. They are the ones who just came here by accident. I’m looking for regular readers. The nonsense lovers.

In the mean time the entrecard thing works. That is the first impression of the site. But I’ll not make any conclusion till 15 days at least. I believe this traffic is also hit and run. The good thing about entrecard is, I get to read new blog. I keep dropping the cards and suddenly a story strikes my eyes. I wait, I read, I comment. Currently I’ve no subscriptions for any blog. But I’ll soon start them.

I’m coming across some really good blogs. Many of them found a place in my bookmarks. For last few months I’ve collected large number of sites. The del.icio.us page is increasing day by day. Currently the bookmarks touched 450 :woot: mark. That’s quiet a big number according to me. I don’t have to worry about browser crashing and loosing bookmarks.

Thanks to all my readers for reading nonsense. If you don’t like my blog, I’ll still continue writing. :p Now that I’ve entrecard, I need to earn some good amount of credits. I’ll probably never advertise on entrecard blogs. It’s not my type of advertising. But for those who like to be on my blog, you have to wait. If I like your blog and it’s worth reading, then it’ll surely find a place in that 125×125 space. Keep in mind I’m not here to make money at this moment.

Edit: Just forgot about the number of hits. It’s about to touch 8000.  :love: 1000 hits in 5 day span. :angel:

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  1. Looks like you’re doing well.. I found you through EC…

    It’s true a lot of ppl just hit n run, but some comment and some come back, like me, I’ll be back! :p

  2. Search engine is weak part. I get 20 odd hits from Google. 🙁 Not much. Though my blog is cataloged by Google I don’t get the hits. I’ve installed the SEO wordpress plugin. It works great in generating meta tags.

  3. Great job on your traffic. Have you had any search engine traffic yet? I really enjoy finding out how people found me on google search. You have a great idea for a blog.

  4. Wow congrats! I’m still trying to reach that. Teach me your secrets! LOL!

    “If you don’t like my blog, I’ll still continue writing”

    My favorite line hands down^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  5. My blog is all about nonsense. 😆 All the nonsense you can think will be here. The traffic thing will stop now. :sick: I wont be posting more for at least 10 days. :whistle:

  6. I’ve been with Entrecard awhile and like it. What is your blog about? The front page has three posts about traffic. I liked the look of your blog.

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