The Time I Waste

Time wasted in enjoying is not a wasted time.

The Time I waste

When I talk about time these are my first views about time. But almost 99.9% of you will not even think about this. I know I’m gifted with nonsense. So better leave it to me. But if you ask anyone around you what time means you?? or What are your views about time?? Then the first answer you’ll get is “Time is money”. While reading this, especially above two questions, probably the same answer went through your mind. Isn’t it??

The difference between wasted time and utilized or non-wasted time is difficult to say. Everyone has different views regarding this. For me the first line of this post holds true. That sounds crazy but then it gives an opinion about wasted time. I wasted a lot of time last year. Lot means lot. But this year till now no wasting of time. I hardly had some fun.

The time you spend in enjoying cannot be counted as wasted time. It gives you break from your daily life. You get out of the house. Specially for a guy like me who wastes most of the time in front of this idiot box. The idiot box referred here is my PC. Because of this waste time I get out of the house. Meet some peoples and learn to behave like humans. Not a cyborg.

Now it’s all up to you to think about wasted time. Are you going to waste some time?? Will it be really wasted time?? I love to waste my time. 😀

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