Dreams…The phenomena of dreams is still unknown. Scientists after a long research found out that dreams are images of what we do in our daytime. All the incidences come together and form a dream. Most predominant event happened in the day is the focus of the dream. It also includes what we see,what we hear. But I don’t go with this result. Dream phenomena is a mystery and maybe it will be a mystery. If you don’t agree with me then just try to recall your dreams.

How many of your dreams were related your life?? The things that happen to you in real life. Do you see them in your dreams?? It may be sometimes that the real event becomes a part of your dream. But not always. Where does these other things come from? These are just your imaginations. Some part of your brain gives them a place in your dreams. Now you know that you cannot dream without a brain. You have a brain that actually generates dreams for you. It is not necessary that the brain should be fully functional. It may be a useless part. But still dreams come out of it.

I do dream. Many times these dreams form a perfect environment for my sleep. Whenever I get dreams it is usually followed by a good sound sleep. I feel refreshed the next day. that is why I love it when I get dreams. You can also try it yourself. If you are insomniac then this may prove to be a cure for you. I cannot guarantee you though.

I feel that dreams act as a barrier between your real life and the life you want. So when you see the life you want you’ll be happy and relaxed. That will in return gift you a nice sleep. This is my simple theory based on my experience. I used to be an insomniac. But these dreams and my new job helped me to get through this. There is a variety of dreams that you see. I’ll talk about that in my next post in this series.

Think Nonsense…

A step closer to invisibility

This is a fantasy. We have been watching many films and read stories about people who have the power of being invisible. Sometime back I saw films like “Hollow man” and “Mr. India“. That sometime was a long ago you can say. I always wished to have that power and use it against the evil. The first film here though frames the dark side of being invisible. I think everyone will love to be invisible.

Scientists are a step closer to being invisible. This will not only make humans invisible but any object. Scientists have engineered a new material which can control the direction of visible light. The logic is simple. Just bend the visible light away from the object and it becomes invisible. There is no injection or any kind of drug required. This can also hide large objects like ships and plane. Continue reading →

Mindless Zombies

“If you can’t change your mind, are you sure you have one?”

Ask this question to yourself. There are many mindless zombies around you. that’s according to the above thought. It’s very difficult to change your mind. But there are some gifted persons (like me :D), whose mind keeps on changing. It’s volatile. According to me you must posses a mind that changes.

The thoughts of yesterday are gone. you cannot implement them today. Change your mind and go according to new thoughts. There are situations when you have to take decisions against your mind. But that is a good sign. at least you are changing your mind. never mind if you are going against it.

My thoughts keep changing but still I call myself a mindless zombie. Many times i don’t know what I am doing. It just happens from me. Just like those Hollywood horror flicks where virus infection takes place and peoples turn into zombies. I’m infected. Better stay away from me. It spreads quickly.

Now who is the scientist here who’ll come to rescue from the disease?? Still unknown. It’ll not be a zombie though. I hope to control the flow of thoughts, But it’s seems to be very difficult. Not impossible though.

Think Nonsense…