Poor show

What more surprises are there in UEFA?? Good teams playing like minnows and out of form. Now I’m getting used to this. Always expecting unexpected results now. Yesterday It was Netherlands beating France by 4-1. Can you imagine world cup finalist taking four goals…. They should have won. If not then at least played well. Many misses by striker and the goalkeeper I felt was a spectator. When it was 2-1 I was hoping for France to comeback and play better. But they did worse. Rather Netherlands played very well. Netherlands must be on Cloud Nine after beating both worldcup finalists.

First half was watchable but not the second one. Such a poor football from France.  They don’t deserve to be here. Henry missed a simple opportunity in first half and then again in second. The ones he used to get into the net earlier. Now lets see what are the outcomes of worldcup final rematch. France will be surely on a revenge. That match will decide which team will go into next round. I don’t expect a win from Romania. But who knows???

The other match Italy Vs. Romania was a poor show by Italy again. They played well in first half. A goal called offside, which wasn’t, was very neatly hit. They should have dominated Romania. But Romania didn’t gave opportunity for that. They were even ahead at a time. What a finish it was. A very good save on penalty by Buffon saved their day.

Italy and France should be out of the tournament. They deserve to be. Two matches today. Sweden Vs. Spain which should be a tough fight and Greece Vs. Russia. Greece should get a win there.

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