Back Again…

And I’m back. It’s been 8 days since I went for a break. I couldn’t post yesterday and today morning due to connection failure. Just wanted a break from this perpetual life for a while. I went to my uncles house. It’s really nice place to get yourself refreshed and get some energy into you. It’s a house, Better to call it as farmhouse, surrounded by trees. No coverage for my mobile, No computer, No good road leading to house, No noise. Very peaceful place.

When you live sometime with nature you’ll always find yourself energized. At least that happens with me. I love nature and like to live there. But unfortunately whatever I’ve achieved so far doesn’t let me to do that. My family, My friends, My Engineer’s degree, My passion towards computers drives me back to this noisy and unpeaceful world.

The time I spend with nature helps me to do that. It’s really important for you to be focused towards something and try to achieve something good. That is you must have some goal. No goal makes your life boring, useless, lonely. For a while I got unfocused and thought of getting refreshed. I had plenty of time which I spent to gather new ideas, focus myself towards my goal, Read something different and of course live with nature.

So I’m refreshed with nonsense and will try to bring some nonsense. Glad to see the response for the blog. I thought there will be no traffic for these days but it gathered a good number of its own. I’ll be posting nonsense.

Think Nonsense….

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