Poor show

What more surprises are there in UEFA?? Good teams playing like minnows and out of form. Now I’m getting used to this. Always expecting unexpected results now. Yesterday It was Netherlands beating France by 4-1. Can you imagine world cup finalist taking four goals…. They should have won. If not then at least played well. Many misses by striker and the goalkeeper I felt was a spectator. When it was 2-1 I was hoping for France to comeback and play better. But they did worse. Rather Netherlands played very well. Netherlands must be on Cloud Nine after beating both worldcup finalists.

First half was watchable but not the second one. Such a poor football from France.  They don’t deserve to be here. Henry missed a simple opportunity in first half and then again in second. The ones he used to get into the net earlier. Now lets see what are the outcomes of worldcup final rematch. France will be surely on a revenge. That match will decide which team will go into next round. I don’t expect a win from Romania. But who knows???

The other match Italy Vs. Romania was a poor show by Italy again. They played well in first half. A goal called offside, which wasn’t, was very neatly hit. They should have dominated Romania. But Romania didn’t gave opportunity for that. They were even ahead at a time. What a finish it was. A very good save on penalty by Buffon saved their day.

Italy and France should be out of the tournament. They deserve to be. Two matches today. Sweden Vs. Spain which should be a tough fight and Greece Vs. Russia. Greece should get a win there.

Unexpected Results

It’s UEFA again. Everyday there are unexpected results. I think that’s the fascination of UEFA. On Wednesday as expected Portugal beat Czech. It was Ronaldo again. Not much to say about this match. But the next match between Switzerland and Turkey was a bit shocking. Goal in final minutes of the games and Swiss out of the competition.

What about yesterday?? Croatia beat Germany. Oh my god. I never thought of that. But really a classy play from Croatia did that. They were in lead all the time and kept in till the end. Germany’s Goal in last 15 minutes brought some hopes. But Croatia kept attacking and Germany lost. I wasn’t happy with the results but glad to see the Croatia game.

The other match between Austria and Poland was not of much interest to me. But that match was thriller. Austria dominated the game but the luck was not in their favor. In the end they somehow managed to draw at last minute. And that too on a penalty. Truly a thriller match which I was about to ignore. Now for todays matches. Will Italy win against Romania??? The second match is  a tough one but Netherlands are on high.

Lets see what happens…

Some Relief

At least Some relief yesterday on UEFA. Matches went as I predicted. The match between Greece and Sweden was a tough match. Though Sweden won by 2-0 margin the match was leading nowhere till 67 minutes. The goal scored by Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Very difficult name to remember) was superb. I haven’t seen a beautiful goal like this recently. The second goal I call a mere fluke. Although at this level the goal should have been avoided by the goalkeeper. Greece defense is not good. They need to improve. They somehow manage to save some goals in first half. Swedish team played well. Watching them for the next match now..

The other match I expected that Spain will win and that happened. Though the margin of goal was large. i thought may be 2-0 will be the winning margin. The goal scored by Russia was a bonus. But it was executed well. Will Russia play well in coming matches?? Difficult to predict. But they should and give some tough competition. This will really spice up the tournament. One sided wins are not enjoyable.

Now in couple of minutes I’m expecting good matches. Winner prediction cannot be made here. Though in first match Portugal has a higher side due to last match win and the sensation Ronaldo.

Enjoy the games…

Some more Goals

I said about goals but there are two types of goals. I always wonder why the things are two types most of the times. Never mind. May be it is related to some nonsense. Will do a research on that.

As I said goals are of two types. First ones are achievable and second ones are larger than life of very difficult to achieve. Mind you I didn’t use the word “IMPOSSIBLE”. They may be achievable but chances are very less. May be one in billion. It is important which type you set. Let me explain you those two types.

First one are achievable. You calculate them with your ability and some experience. These goals are always achievable. It’s not necessary that they’ll be achieved in time. But most of the time such goal finish earlier then they are set to finish. You set such goals in order to give yourself confidence and a feeling of achieving something. Be sure not to set such goals very low. They may not take the best out of you.

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Goal is not just term used in football, hockey or alike ball games. Goal is something most important in your life and a must for success. Whatever is your profession, whatever may be your qualification, make sure you keep a goal. This always lets you go ahead.

But just setting a goal is not enough. You must try to achieve it. Setting up goals and not working for them will not lead you to success. Many times we set goals and never try to achieve them. Remember the new year resolutions you make. Something similar. You make some resolution just for the sake and at the end of year you find yourself nowhere near them. But goals are not just resolutions.

Many time you set resolutions which doesn’t make some sense. Yeah they are nonsense. So don’t mind setting them. Some nonsense is always good. Goals are not nonsense. They are your path to success. Never neglect these goals. It feels great when you reach them. Don’t believe me then set a goal and achieve it.

It’s sounds great tooo.

Think Nonsense…