Hostel – With Maternity Ward

If college students of both sexes are made to share a hostel, All they would do then is make babies. And you’ll need to setup a Maternity ward near hostel.

These are great words of a person designated as principal of a college in Delhi. I am always striked by the stories about sex. And I believe most of us do get attracted to such stories. I like to read them so as to make me aware of the situation. Current generation, of which I am also a part, is inclined towards casual relationship and casual sex. I have kept myself away from such relations. They are sure to make your life a bit more troublesome.

After making the above statement there was a chaos. The reactions towards the statement were almost all against the principal. Pitty fellow. Due to all pressure around him, he then said it was a “light humor”. Wow!!!!!!! A principal with a sense of humor is greatest gift a college can get. I saw three principals in my college and none of them were having sense of humor. Perhaps we all have moulded the personality of principal as a strict and discipline loving person. But this principal is different. Unfortunately his “light humor” created a “heavy situation”. So it’s better to be in the mould. Continue reading →