Bored of Facebook? Nahh….

I recently joined Facebook. It is supposed to be one of the best and high rated social networking website but I didn’t join for no reason. I did this to help Facebook to regain it’s value which is dipping as per market analysis. :angel: After joining Facebook, I sent all of the friends on Facebook request for friendship. That script peeked into my Gmail contacts to find friends. I didn’t like that. Anyways, I joined and no friends so what to do??

While exploring the Facebook I found Facebook applications. I could install applications and use them.  I could install games  and play them. These are called social games. So I started searching for Facebook games as I was bored on Facebook. While searching I found this game called Metropolis. This game is strategy game and I love strategy games. So this gathered some interest.

The game is very simple. I am mayor of a city and I have to build the city from scratch. I cannot become a mayor in real but at least virtually. 😀 You get to buy empty plots for certain amount and then you develop those plots. You get revenue and you have to pay taxes. Taxes don’t leave your back in virtual world also. Good thing is that you decide and set the taxes. Don’t set them too low in order to keep citizens happy.

You can raise the cultures as you want. You get beautiful landmarks as rewards. You decide the type of city you’ll build. Whether it’ll be wealthy or rich in culture. You can play on your own or combine play with other Facebook users. Easy to use interface, Simple way to display stats will make you  addicted to the game. If at all I become a mayor in future I will have thank to this game for teaching me how to become one.

You can check more of kramaley games, the maker of this game, for more Facebook games. Now  no reason to get bored.

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