Showers that matter

You wake up in the morning. Brush your teeth and then most probably you go for a shower. This is true for me. A shower in the morning makes me fresh and takes away laziness. If I don’t take a shower then I am lazy-drowsy throughout the day. I certainly don’t want this to happen.

Sometimes you don’t like taking showers because your showers are not good. Seriously it does happen. That is what’s happening to me. My shower is not working properly so I decided to take a new one. Searching for the same I found some Shower kits. You’ll surely want to buy one of those.

When you return from work, especially in summer season, you definitely get too much tired. A quick shower refreshes you. How about a hot water shower?? That would be great. Steam showers will make you happy. Choose from a wide range of steam showers and treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience. These showers come with deluxe acrylic seat, handheld showerhead, and foot massager to give you hydrotherapy experience. You can choose from the following range of steam showers.

  • Acrylic Steam Shower with Glass Front
  • Steam Shower with 10 Jets and Foot Massager
  • Steam Shower with Mini Tub
  • Tempered Glass Steam Shower with Adjustable Body Jets

All showers are made up of acrylic single piece back wall, tray and roof form the main structure of the shower cabin.

Shower Enclosures are great to save some space and useful for those who don’t have enough space to make separate bathroom. It also prevents water from splashing out on the floor. While taking a steam bath, it stops steam from spreading out and thus maximizing the steam bath effect. No need to tell you that these enclosures add to the beauty of a bathroom. You can choose from following list of products.

  • Contemporary Shower Enclosure with Glass Sliding Doors
  • Rectangular Glass Shower Enclosure
  • Chic Glass Shower Enclosure with Sliding Door
  • Modern Shower Enclosure with Two Sliding Glass Doors
  • Acrylic Base Glass Shower Enclosure
  • Glass Shower Enclosure with Pivot Door
  • Chic Shower Enclosure with Frameless Glass Design
  • Corner Mount Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

These showers and shower enclosures are easy upgrades. You can also choose a product by height. So you have a wide range of products to choose from and which suits your needs. Upgrade to these Shower accessories and you’ll enjoy your bath.

Have a great bathing pleasure…

Tuesday Readings 07

I know you are bored of reading my blog. Probably you visit my blog on every Tuesday just to find something other than nonsense. Do you like my choice of readings??

This one I found through digging. I digg in my garden sometimes to get rid of weeds. But this digging is different and it leads to good reading stuff. 20 Things to do on Your Day Off is a post most of you will be looking for. It mentions just what it says. Many times you get out of ideas. You need someone to suggest. This one tells you what to do when  you have off from your work. I liked the 5th tip. :angel:

From the above post I jumped to zen please. That is the thing most of you must have done or will be doing now. Wow!!! I found one more post to blog about. 5 Simple Ways to Getting Things Done opens your eyes. Some more tips for me to get my life organized. What stroked me was the picture which looks like Garfield and brightens the post.

Next is my Entrecard dropper. I found her bog in my top droppers list. I confess that I don’t read all the blog I drop. Forget all not even my top droppers. But the things will change now. I’ll read at least top 10 droppers. Blessed am I is a “what I have” list. Such lists are often the fruit of “bored of blogging”. I don’t know about this post. Of all, the last one holds good for me very well. I have my faith in God.

Will be back next week with another readings post. That will pile up my archive. ^_^

Think Nonsense…

Kimmy is sharing light

I am totally lazy today. It hurts to wake up early on Sunday. I had to wake up early due to the nature’s call. Then it was time to watch some movies. I’ll write about that in tomorrow’s post. Today it’s the blog review time. This weeks featured blog is The Eagle,The Lion and The Dove by Kimmysharinglight. That is the name of blog. Pretty long but you’ll remember it.

I have to use the word “Just”. This is just another blog which I am lucky to get to read. The “Just” is because I am getting good blogs to read now a days. I really liked this blog and will continue reading. As I mentioned in my earlier reviews that the pictures used in post spice up the post. Here is another good example of that. Author has used a picture in almost every post and it suits it.

Things I liked is the blog archive is good. But as most of the bloggers do, it is somewhere in the middle of the page. That is totally waste. Another thing I liked is the style of writing. It’s the new trend of blogs where author’s writes just enough. Similar to my type of writings. Who has patience to read long post?? Many even try to skim the post I write. One more plus is the use of sezwho. You get to know what peoples like by the ratings they give. Continue reading →

Tuesday Readings 06

For the last whole week I was offline and busy in festival activities. So that is another Tuesday with almost no readings. I am just trying to read and complete the blog subscriptions. They are good and readable to keep me updated. But hardly there is something which is worth a mention. I was just about to close this post by writing above excuse till…..

I read this blog for every update. One of the best one’s in my subscription list. This post about What is Signposting is another best. It tells us some very simple ways of signposting which will make conversation easy to follow to the listener. There is not much effort involved and I’ll be practicing it straight away.

The second is a blog which I skip sometimes. Just because as it said in the post it writes much about food. How to write a popular blog post is a post where I thought I’ll get some tips from him. It turned out to be a different one but it’s enjoyable. Now I am looking forward whether the author sticks to his blog or uses “sex and money” to promote.

Just two posts for this week. I’ll try to fill this gap next Tuesday. I’ll make this post popular by tagging it with words “sex and money” :angel: 😆

Womanist Musings

There are times when you get closer to the reality it hurts. Very few tend to write on the real things and express it in a way that will leave a place somewhere. I like to read such writings and believe me they are getting very rare. Most of the times writer tend to write on fantasies and own creations. That is because it sells faster. Believe me that a good writer will try to write something on reality. This blog is something about such thing.

Womanist Musings is one of the blogs which goes towards the reality and tries to bring out some issues which were never in focus. When I first hit this blog i thought it’ll be just another political blog expressing blah blah about democrats and republican parties. When I started reading carefully and peeking through archive gave me an idea of how good the blog is.

Everyday stories with a different perspective are common but these are not just everyday stories. As the name suggests most of the stories are related to woman. I am confused though that the blog name is due to the above reason or because they are being written by a woman. Almost every story will strike you. If you re a good reader then you’ll be back. Continue reading →