Going off track

If you have noticed, throughout this month I have failed to update blog on daily basis. I was successful for the whole year to update it daily. With the start of new year, I have failed to do so. There is no single definite reason for this failure. I want to put all those reasons in this post so that I get some relief from the failure.

The first reason being my previous web host. I don’t know what happened to the servers but they kept my blog offline for about three days. A perfect start to new year as I said already. The staff must have been in the “new year eve” environment for these days. Lot’s of booze. I think my old admin friend left that company. I didn’t got any replies from him. Hello… Anyone home??

Then I changed my web host and was happy to get good speed. Things looked good. But when everything is going ok, something bad is about to happen. Suddenly I started getting memory errors. I mailed and mailed lots of time. Got replies like “Fixed”, “Done” and similar one liners(And one worder’s). Finally my blog was offline again due to new web hosting. After some hours it was back but I was getting too many errors. It looks like he installed CentOS again. Everything works quick and no errors now.

The third reason is my ISP. I normally blog at night or write the post at night and schedule them for the morning. For 2-3 days, I wasn’t able to connect to my blog due to my ISP. No internet. But surprisingly my scheduled downloads worked which I schedule for 2am. I wasn’t able to browse a single website though. I need to know how my ISP works. It looks ok now. Though the problem of uploading files still exists. My ISP is moody. ISP with emotional touch.

The last reason is my job. How can I forget this? Everyone gives this reason for all the time he/she cannot find for. Why not me? The only difference is it’s in real for me. My time management skills are at their lowest level. I have to work on this. I’ll be buying a new mobile to help me in this. I cannot afford to loose time at this stage.

An that’s because I am doing many good things(At least I think they are good). I bought my second domain and that will be up within a week. It will be related to gadgets and mobiles. Also you must be knowing about my niche blog about my profession. I am taking some time out to write good articles. In short I am tooo busy. I had very less time this month to get advertisers. So the income is low. I don’t’ care about this now.

Finished. Oh.. There is one more reason and that is my laziness. That cost one post. I think it’s good time to make an announcement about my blogging frequency. Let’s see…

Till then…

Think Nonsense…

P.S.: The word “worder’s” is used to rhyme with liners. Add this to Urban Dictionary.

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