Silence Please

Silence is golden. In the economic crisis like what we are facing this silence proves to be more valuable. Perhaps it is the most valuable asset at this point. Who knows when this crisis is going to get over?? Just today and yesterday the share markets took a flight and ended with breaking records of highest gains in a day. That looks promising. Not for me. I am not economist and can’t elaborate much on this. Silence is good here. One thing for sure that this rise is temporary.

Words and silence are two sides of the same coins I feel. Words can hurt you. They hurt your feelings. Silence does a different thing. It breaks your heart. Recall a day when someone you talk everyday suddenly stops speaking you. You won’t feel bad. It will break your heart. It takes time to recover from this. I am too bad at this. I use silence as a weapon.

If you don’t know, then let me tell you one great fact about silence. Silence is a language. Don’t get shocked. Silence is a language which one needs to learn. Now it’s up to him to use it wisely. This language of silence is powerful means of communication between two person who are close to each other. They may be friend or love each other. Silence brings them closer.

We all are taught this language. Right from our childhood. When we cry our parents or someone says silence. When we grow up and go  to school, our teachers tell us to keep and maintain silence in class. We do it till teacher is in the class. Once she goes out silence breaks. Then again in our higher secondary and college. Throughout the time we are being taught this silence language. What we do?? We ignore of course.

Silence speaks more than words and if you know silence then you’ll also know that silence is full of music. Learning silence may help you to learn music.Being silent while reading the whole post is one of the signs that you want to learn silence. Happy learning.

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  1. Who says the author of this blog has no sense. Dear, sense never comes verbolatry. It is the inherent characteristics of one’s mind and you proved your best sense through this article. It is the most amazing thing that readers puzzled about the heading of your blog but they never think that only the sense is a heart of this blog. Keep it up with sensible articles.

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