Earth Hour

Yesterday between 8pm-9pm all around many countries participated in Earth Hour. This Earth Hour is an initiative  to protect  our Earth from global warming.  I may sound a  crazy man to all you guys as I speak and post much towards environment.  It may be  a little same kind of stuff to you. But believe me, if there was awareness about our environment then I wouldn’t have written such post. And yes I am a crazy person.

So what was done during this Earth Hour?? There was a simple thing done. The countries which participated turned there lights off between 8pm-9pm according to their countries standard time. This really must have saved a lot of energy. Imagine what if this is done every week or may be everyday. Of course you don’t  need to do this in that hour. You can do it according to your convenience.

Turn off everything for 1 hour. Those who were unable to switch their lights off were told to switch off the machines instead of keeping in standby. Keeping machines in standby is useless. I’ve seen in many offices that the PC’s are left standby for hours. Workers come and turned PC on during morning or the time day enter the office and turned it off when they live. They don’t bother if they are using it or not. They just don’t like to sit in front of switched off machine. That’s ridiculous. If all the power from stand by machines is combined it is a considerable amount of energy.

I may be talking nonsense. But it’s a request that don’t take our environment and this global warming as a nonsense.

Visit Earth Hour web page for some more details. Google also took a part in this event and turned its page black. Check here about this. There were many countries and their cities who participated. Just visit the Earth Hour website that info. Just want you guys to make a visit there.

Save Environment.. 

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  2. Thats a funny side. But the power cuts are due to unnecessary use of energy. If that is stopped then there will be no power cut due to lack of power. There are lots of controversies going on due to this “Load Shedding” thing. It’s good but unfortunately that step is taken due to more demand and less supply of power.

    Think Nonsense…

  3. Brand new information for me.i am glad that you have cleared the India or lets say in mumbai(where i live),this is an everyday business.3 to 4 hours of power cuts are usual factor here.also there are many places in mumbai where 6 to 7 hours w/o power is so very lets say..we are already celebrating earth hours every single day, since 3 years and still going guess how much we have contributed for this great cause.

    anyways this was just my nonsense comment which is so very true.

    oopsie…Damn! another power cut…Happy Earth Hours everyone!

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