Sitting on the edge

Edges are dangerous most of the times. They hurt you as well. Sitting on the edge is what you won’t like to do. That is because you never know when you will fall. For an acrophobic person, The one who has fear for height, this is almost like a suicide. Without even attempting a jump he will be falling down from height just because of the fear for height.

Some years back, before joining to my first job, I was an acrophobic person. i used to fear by the heights. I was unable to go near the edges of anything high. imagine the cautious slow steps towards the edge going inch by inch. After joining the first job I had to climb the scaffoldings and the roof slabs for checking purpose. This is when my fear started fading. It still exists but to a small extent.

Sitting on the edge
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During the same time I discovered the thrill of sitting on the edge. It is awesome. This thrill helped me to kill the fear(No violence intended). Sometimes it was butt paining and still having excitement. This thrill often tempts me to climb heights and look downwards. Standing is when you have more fear, but sitting gives you some relief from fear. Looking down at the ant sized tiny people is fun.

Unfortunately edges are now a common suicide places. Instead of enjoying and feeling the thrill of sitting on the edge they jump. Jumping from edge can also be thrilling. But not when you are committing suicide. Just look down. All other peoples are tiny. You are on top of others. And in such a case why one will like to jump from the edge?? I love this kind of moment when I am on top of others. Who doesn’t like it??

It is addictive. Once you like edges you love to be with them. You try to stand and walk on edges. Walking on edges is one of the most thrilling acts I’ve done. But beware. I don’t force you to feel the thrill. It is risky. If you don’t have confidence, please don’t do this. These edges are as dangerous as that of knife. Wipe them and blood comes out. If you have confidence then go ahead and try at least once and join the addict club.

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  1. I have recently married a 38 year old geometry teacher and though she and I have been happy throughout our courtship , lately we’ve fallen on more difficult times . I am a very short ,dense human being who believes in the sanctity of one’s physical locality. I’m consequently very comfortable in all sorts of places and thus receptive to a great deal more of both the good and bad that life has to offer. Originally this was something she was attracted to. Now I find she is reading magazines wherein short men are featured screaming in any number of otherwise harmless locations. She has tried to keep these magazines hidden from me, stowing them in the coal furnace in the basement, or in the wicker clown hampie in the laundry room, but I keep finding them. My heart has been deeply wounded. Today , however, as I was standing in an open field (lamenting) , I was suddenly overcome with terrific vertigo, fearing my horizontal plane as if it were sheer verticality. Is this miracle possible?

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