Mango….The king of fruits. I just love mangoes. And there is no limit to eating it. Actually I love to eat seasonal fruits. Like these mangoes which grow up in summer. But this summer is a bit different. Oh I must say now this summer was a bit different. It’s raining heavily here. Every summer we used to get mangoes at a decent price. But before that uncle used to send us and they used to be whole lot of them. But this year somehow the fruit is prolonged. The fruits are there but are not ripe. They are there for about two months. Just last week onwards they started ripening.

I missed this fruit for whole season. Last week when I went to uncles house me together with my brother picked up fruits from the tree. The Monkey in me is always awake. Climbing the tree was not a big task. I picked almost 250-300 mangoes. I actually went to eat one beautiful jungle fruit. I don’t know what is that called in english, But it tastes great. And again I was unfortunate there that fruit was hardly seen this year.

The next day I was about to leave uncle gave me about 50 of the mangoes. Ummmmmmmmmm….. The mangoes where about to ripe. Most of those have found a place in my stomach and then…….But it was not that fun eating them. The taste of the mangoes in summer with hot climate is soothing. Just forgot to tell that we earlier bought a dozen of mangoes for Rs.225/-. That’s almost five and half dollar $$$. They should taste good as they were bought for a deep pocket hole.

The point is that somehow I feel things are changing drastically. Fruits not growing in their seasons, floods, unexpected heavy rains in summer, super hot climate. Is this effect temporary or permanent?? I cannot figure this out. i just hope that the next year call for this monkey is soon enough to enjoy the fruits.

Think Nonsense….

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