I Am Legend

I Am Legend

Today I watched this movie . There are hardly any dialogs in this movie. But still this movie is good to watch. I Am Legend released almost 2 months ago created a lot of hype on internet due to its high quality DVD Screener copy which was released just in 2 weeks after the release. This is too quick. And the quality of that screener was very good.

Somehow I find many movies that go with similar topics. The likes are 28 Days later, 28 Weeks later, Residental Evil, they are somewhat similar. A deadly virus spreads across the world due to a failed experiment and all fail to prevent it from spreading. Then the survivors try to find a way out of this. In this film Robert Neville(Will Smith) is the only survivor with a dog. And its been 3 years since he his alone survivor. There is No villain and heroin, So all film revolves around Will and the dog. There is this scene where the dog gets infected with virus. I thought that its the best scene in the movie.

This is a good movie to watch but if you have watched any of above three I mentioned then you’ll find a repeated story. Will smith has acted well in this movie. And he had too as the whole movie is around him. The environment is amazing. When all humans die, animals stay in cities and stay as him they are in forest. Nice imagination by the writer. Most of the dialogs are in the second half when Marley appears. He is kinda heroin.

If I’m not wrong two films which have a story that starts in 2009. The other one I remember is Children of Men. Now what does that mean?? Is 2009 year be the year of tragedy? Lets hope it is not. Overall this move takes 3.5/5.

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