Picture of “Stupid”

When you know you are in a place where you can become breakfast, lunch or dinner of some creature, You take your time in front of camera for pose.  I was searching for stupid and I found this kid. The shark behind got a kid to satisfy his appetite.


Healthy Tip : If you are fed up with your life and think it’s useless, go to the above place and give a pose. You’ll help a shark to live more and you’ll die in style.

Till you think you are not stupid
Think Nonsense…

Helping hand

Goat helping Horse

Help is what you always hesitate to ask for. Me too. I cannot ask for help from someone even though I am sure that if I ask he will help for sure. It is the human nature which has evolved over the time. Looking back, I find that it was easy to ask for someones help when I was kid. Now it is difficult. I cannot ask for help. I have to figure things out myself.

Helping someone is great. I love to help anyone if it is not going against me. How can you expect me to help you for creating troubles against me? It is possible thing with a fool. I am a fool but not this much. I help to make others fool. That brings out cheer and a beer if it is with friends. Helping others also helps to build your image.

When to ask help is a big question. You cannot ask for help when that person is in toilet or bathroom. Take the above photo as an example. Goat is helping horse to scratch his back. Looks like there is shortage of labors. Would you ask for help? Or do you ask for help anytime?

Till you think for the answer…

Think Nonsense…


Imitating someone may not be a good choice. Most of the time though. Why to imitate someone and loose yourself. Take the example in photo. The front cover model needs to be swapped with this one. 😀

Free Online Adobe Photoshop

Adobe has released its Photoshop Express web-based imaging application as a public beta. Web based application meaning you dont have to install it on your PC. Just point to the website. Photoshop Express uses much of Adobe’s image editing technology and has been re purposed as a web-based application. Users can store up to 2GB of images online for free, make edits to their photos and share them online. Photoshop Express also allows users to download and upload photos from popular social networking sites like Facebook. The application provides ’standard edits’, such as removing blemishes and red-eye, converting to black and white, cropping and resizing.

Photoshop Express also offers tricks like Pop Color which selects an object in an image, mutes the background color of the photo and allows the user to swap the object’s color so that it “jumps off the page”. Sketch effects make photos look like drawings, and a Distort feature allows users to distort facial features or objects for a comical or artistic effect.

Checkout this software during it’s beta stage.