Unexpected Results

It’s UEFA again. Everyday there are unexpected results. I think that’s the fascination of UEFA. On Wednesday as expected Portugal beat Czech. It was Ronaldo again. Not much to say about this match. But the next match between Switzerland and Turkey was a bit shocking. Goal in final minutes of the games and Swiss out of the competition.

What about yesterday?? Croatia beat Germany. Oh my god. I never thought of that. But really a classy play from Croatia did that. They were in lead all the time and kept in till the end. Germany’s Goal in last 15 minutes brought some hopes. But Croatia kept attacking and Germany lost. I wasn’t happy with the results but glad to see the Croatia game.

The other match between Austria and Poland was not of much interest to me. But that match was thriller. Austria dominated the game but the luck was not in their favor. In the end they somehow managed to draw at last minute. And that too on a penalty. Truly a thriller match which I was about to ignore. Now for todays matches. Will Italy win against Romania??? The second match is  a tough one but Netherlands are on high.

Lets see what happens…

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