The Ponytail Story

For those who know me or have seen me or my picture, They are aware that I sport a ponytail. For some, it adds to my personality. For others, I look awful. The later category mostly includes my parents and family. But for me, It is the most favourite part of my body. Ummmm.. Maybe second favorite.

Today, I lost a part of me. I killed my ponytail.

After committing this murder, I am going through an emotional turbulence. It’s just hair, Some will say. But they weren’t. That ponytail was part of me for half a decade and it defined me. And today, I am going to tell you the story of my ponytail.

Once upon a time, There was a lean guy with no sense of hair styling. And to hide this weakness of his, He used to get cropped haircut once in every one and half month. While he was in college, The days when guys experimented with hairstyle, He secretly wished to sport a ponytail. But “What will others say?” and “Everyone will make fun of me” stopped him from doing it. Once the experimentation time period was over, He buried his desire.

A couple of years into his professional life, He got fed-up of the moral compromises he had to make, The abuse of his simple nature and the unexpected twists in his personal life. So he decides to take a break. A break from everything and start afresh. While doing so, His long buried desired to sport a ponytail, resurfaced. “What will others say?” and “Everyone will make fun of me” knocked on his door. Gathering all the courage, He kicked them out of his world. Thus begins the birth of ponytail.

The initial criticism faded over the time. “People” were frustrated and fed-up of repeating the same episodes. The guy, who was disturbed by the criticism at first, Adjusted and adapted to the critical environment. After almost nine months without haircut, His dream became reality. He finally could tie his hair and turn them into ponytail.

Now people noticed the guy. Because he was different. Well.. At least he looked different. He could be easily identified in a crowd. Now he was a known person who was difficult to forget. His ponytail made this possible. The connections he made were fruitful in his professional life. He struggled but he was happy doing so.

But every good thing, comes to an end sometime.

The evil called “marriage” entered his life. In spite of being open minded, The guy had pledged to marry within his community to make his parents happy. He had hurt them enough in past. And he knew this one decision will make up for all. But now the same ponytail created problem. This particular species from Venus in his community, Apparently hated the ponytail. He waited and waited for that one exception. His wait wasn’t fruitful. Finally, with a heavy heart, he decided to do the unthinkable. He decided to murder the ponytail just to make his parents happy.

This is the saddest day in his life. The recovery from this murder will be difficult for him. He expects no one to understand his trauma and support him.


I hope so…

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