Why? Why me??

Far far away, in thick forest of real life, there lives a Person. He is totally lost in the forest while trying to hunt. What he is hunting for?? Success. What he gets instead is failure. He thinks every step that he takes is a mistake and his every step leads towards failure. He is unaware of the fact that with every step of failure, he actually marches towards success. After every failure he got one question to ask. Why me god? Why me?


Like everyone else, his journey of life till date was not easy. But for no reason at all, he thought he is more prone to multi-directional paths. At every such junction he has to take a decision which will decide his future. It’s very difficult to get the same junction again. Who knows!!! Since he is lost, he may find that junction again. The chosen path then would result in another junction. So far…

  • The directions he chose resulted in more failures.
  • He has failed to get back to the main track, the main path of his journey.
  • He saw success in every direction he chose only to realize that it was just a mirage.

What is the reason behind these multi-directional paths? What is the reason for so many choices? Why I have to go through the ring of decision every now and then? Why the decisions are always tough? Why I seem to make wrong decisions? Why every wrong decision still results in multiple choices? Am I going to be someone who will make big decisions? Why do I never come across a guide? Why me god? Why me? These are the questions in his mind.

Just when he thinks this is the path he always wanted, he finds himself at another junction. But from the last junction he realized that he have to live with the junctions. He has to face the junctions. He only hopes that till the next junction he gets the guts and confidence needed to take decisions. Well… At least he is not hopeless.

Till he gets to the next junction…
Think Nonsense…

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