Why? Why me??

Far far away, in thick forest of real life, there lives a Person. He is totally lost in the forest while trying to hunt. What he is hunting for?? Success. What he gets instead is failure. He thinks every step that he takes is a mistake and his every step leads towards failure. He is unaware of the fact that with every step of failure, he actually marches towards success. After every failure he got one question to ask. Why me god? Why me?


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Never Give Up…

For most of us the above picture puts a smile on our face. A frog almost a prey of the heron. But he doesn’t give up do easily. Catches the throat of heron so that heron will not be able to swallow him. Still has the hope that heron will suffocate and will let him out. Now its upto the heron. He can succeed in making him a prey if he can hold a bit longer or leave him and find another prey, get rid of the pain. Whatever may happen but the frog always wins. He’s giving his best to stay alive. If successful he’ll be a winner with a high confidence. If failed he’s still a winner as he did more than a frog can do.

No are you like the frog?? No one would like to be called as a frog. But in this case one will. Be like that frog. Push things as far as you can. You’ll get success. It doesn’t come easy.

Think Nonsense…