It’s soon enough

I feel like spamming with this message. I am back online after six days. Six days without internet. Imagine I didn’t switched on my PC for a whole day. I can now say that’s possible. So whenever you think something is impossible, then go offline. Things become possible in real life.

Out of the six days, I must say I wasted two days in configuring one of my script offline on WAMP. I haven’t figured out how to make changes yet. After two days of wasting I thought better use these days for some reading. I started reading a book which I bought from library and finished fifty pages in two hours. Conclusion.. I have not forgot how to read books.

Then internet became irresistible and I logged in from my office PC. Yesterdays post was from that PC. I don’t like to use it as it contains lot’s of spywares. I am very evil. Why should I repair it for free? :devil: I have to change password for my blog now.

The “Very soon” was really “Very soon”. I am online within a day.
“Kisi cheez ko agar dil se chaho to puri kayanat tumhein usase milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai”.
I’ll translate it.
“If you have a strong desire for something then the whole world tries to get you closer to it.”

Till you desire for desire…
Think Nonsense…

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