The variables aren’t constant

I am a mathematics lover. Now don’t go on the title and quit this page. You may have a maths phobia as I found such peoples very often. They’ll want to skip this page immediately as it talks about two words used mostly in mathematics. Keep your fear aside as this is not going to be a mathematics tuition class nor a mathematics quiz.

Variables and constants play a vital role in our day to day life. Now variables aren’t constants and hence they are termed as variables. You have to grab the opportunity when the variables suits you. They are in favor of you. By the time you think of taking an action your variable may change and it may not be in your favor.

I like variables and I am partial. Variety attracts me as it is more influencing power than the constants. Take current stock markets. Why current?? Everyday stock markets. They vary and everything starts varying. When crude oil varies so do the stocks. Then they effect all the stuff in our daily life right from fluctuating costs of real estates to the price of sugar.(Diabetic peoples are not affected though)

Conclusion is that variables depend on variables. This helps us to live. Your anger for example is variable. It’s intensity depends on the situation surrounding you. If you slip by stepping on banana peels then you will throw some bad words at the person who threw it. It doesn’t matter to you if he is around you or not. You’ll say it loudly. But the intensity of anger is different when your boss shouts at you. Your anger is not expressive also. Can you repeat those beautiful words for your boss?

Constants are silent. They don’t speak. They stay by the variables and just stare at them. At times they may also affect the variables. A beautiful girl who have two crushes on her. Girl remains the same. Constant. The boys change themselves in order to put a sort of impression and have her. For me constants are boring.(Not the girls!!! :love: )

To put you into more confusion I would like to contradict to my statement. At a certain time the variation is almost negligible and then the variables turn into constants. Variables turn strong and rigid. We try not to make adjustment. Our ego doesn’t allow them. We forget that these adjustments will come to a stage when they will not be adjustment. They’ll create a bond. For some these adjustments may give relief in pain and for some others they’ll turn to love.

Rather confusing post this may be, but you read it because you find yourself somewhere in the post. I just hope you got what I wanted to say.

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