The Escape Artist

The last couple of months have been really pushing me to the edge. More troubles, challenges, wins, defeats. But I have got plenty of time to escape every weekend. Except escaping from everything. I managed to survive for last couple of years but I am actually living the last couple of months. Whatever it is, I am happy.

Sometimes, I feel I am matured. But a part of me doesn’t agree and doesn’t want me to be. The confusion might have resulted in an equilibrium.

I have learned to accept the bitter truths. This is the time I have to work towards what I want to achieve. If it’s not now, I’ll never be able to do it. Ten years down the road, I would like to see myself immersed in an abnormal life. And this is the crucial year to lay foundation for that. It will take time to settle. It’s not easy like cooking two minutes noodles. Even the two minutes noodles take more time to cook than they claim. Patience is not just an ordinary key. It’s a master key. I have find the right door to unlock. Patience will guide me through it.

This is not an overdose of self help books. I would love to read those books but I prefer to re read The Alchemist. I hope I succeed.

Learn to focus

You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
– Mark Twain

As a normal day he was walking on the road. But he was focused. His neck was turned 90 degree to the right and he was walking straight. In such a particular situation often a pole comes in between and hits the head. That’s a normal thing. Since it was a normal day this normal thing happened. Ouchhh… He quickly got up and started walking forward in same manner. A dog’s tail can never be straightened. He was strongly focused.

And Ouchhh.. again. But this time a woman dashes into him and the ouchhh comes from her mouth. She looks at him, he looks at her. She walks away. He quickly realizes that he needs to focus and looks to right. Runs forward and she is gone. So he lost two woman’s. One due to lack of focusing and one he never tried to focus. This is the reason I am telling you guys, learn to focus.
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