Bye Bye 2010

This is the last day of year 2010. So I decided to write and opened the blog editor. I couldn’t go beyond the blank screen. I kept staring and thinking of the best or worst things happened this year. Nothing… The most boring year so far. There were very few moments of excitement but not worth mentioning. As the year closed to an end, I desperately wanted see the new year sun.

This year I was totally brain stuck. No new ideas. No imagination. No crazy dreams. No Nonsense. I feel like this year was empty. Every year fills up my thought basket. I empty that at the year end for the new thoughts. Not this year. It’s already empty.

I hope the new year brings a lot of positive changes in me.
I hope it gives me courage.
I hope it gives me strength.
I hope it gives me the ability to take quick decisions.
And above all it makes me think selfless. You must have figured that out by my previous lines.

Bye Bye 2010.. (Sound of emptying of bucket)

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