Are you Hard Working??

Of course you are. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my nonsense at your office table. :p There was a small argument between me and my friend and that lead to the idea of this post. I consider myself as hard working person (may be it should be hard-ly). Working on many sites and managing them simultaneously is a tiring job. Add to that my physic which will remind you of your Biology lab. I don’t have much ready made sentences. You’ll have to read this sentence again and again in my blog.

I cannot remember how the argument started. Usually we never remember the cause of argument. We keep vomiting till we are dehydrated completely. (Yeah. I know some Biology terms). Then there was question about the timings of my work. I usually work from 9-6 (It’s not 69). He said he used to work till 3am or 4 am and then again get up by 9. Then back to work. I laugh at such peoples. They give reasons that their boss pressurizes them and makes them work that much. Here comes the difference.

I never work after 6 o’clock. Call me lazy, call me useless, call me not worth. I don’t care. I am paid to work between the time and I should try working as much as I can between that time. And I do that. I give as much as I can. I am not like those who will try to impress their boss by working overtime. Most of the time they do nothing in overtime. They just stay there so that boss should know they work overtime. Many offices give a cup of coffee free during that time. I like my coffee at home. I don’t want to save my money.

The logic behind not working after 6 is simple. It’s nonsense. But I feel that if you are working over 6 then you don’t want to improvise. You should improve yourself so much that you can do the extra two hours work within. When you work overtime, you get a habit. Then you don’t want to improve. You just take that as your regular time. There is nothing wrong until you get married. Then you have to go early for your family. Early means you go at 6. But your boss thinks that you are useless now. Who is the loser??

Don’t confuse this with your ambitions. When you have dreams and you want them come true. You want success for yourself. That working is different. That is your aim. You want to achieve something for yourself and not for someone else. I don’t complain about that. Because that is good thing. But working overtime for your boss… Nah… So get out on time and get ready to improve yourself.

Source: It feels good to write a post in Nonsense after 10 days. Part of the fourth paragraph is an e-mail snippets from former Infosys CEO Narayan Murthy.

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  1. “Balance between who I am at home, and who I am at work doesn’t seem that difficult.”

    That’s right. It’s not that difficult. You work at home to achieve something from your side. Not for your boss while maintaining the balance. This is really great. Keep it up. Success comes through such efforts. 🙂

  2. In my interview with my boss last year, I wanted him to be aware that I do use the internet for networking. As an IT recruiter, I have sat around on the weekend, and posted my open positions on FREE MySpace classified. And, placed several people direct hire that way! I also have a few close clients that are on my ims. They have instant access to me, and I to them. Can it get overwhelming at times? Sure, but there are times nothing is going on, and I am surfing, reading, and learning at work as well. The trust that I have built, by placing people, getting work done, has now extended to working from home a few days a week as well. Balance between who I am at home, and who I am at work doesn’t seem that difficult. If I had to hide, and sneak my down time at work, I think I might be more stressed. I don’t need to be babysat at home or at work. I must disclose that it wasn’t always like this, nor have I ever worked for a person that is more interested in the end result rather than my path….until now. I will be with my current company one year in NOVEMBER. Thanks for the thought provoking post. Now..back to work tomorrow!

  3. The only reason I will work over time is the fact that I’m broke. Other than that, if the financial situation is stable and fine, I go home as soon as I’m done.

    Useless over time just to please the boss ? No thanks.

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