Strange Thing

Many times strange things happen with me. I keep wondering why they happen with me?? May be because I always search for the positive side first. Or may be god has a special place for me. Actually he loves everyone equally. But I feel differently when these strange things happen. Let me tell you the reason for this.

I was on my job traveling from one site to other. There is a Bus stand that comes between the site. Nearby there is bazaar. It’s obvious so as to get more customers, bazaar is near the bus stand. As always there was lot of crowd. Good time to see chicks around. :love: So I just entered the bazaar and thought of buying something. Thankfully I had money due the salary.

The crowd in bazaar is so much that you hardly find a place  to step. Add to it the rains. Everywhere there was this muddy water which looks like tea. Ready made natural tea in today’s world of fast food. I didn’t find anything interesting to buy. Now call me a miser if you want. Is it so difficult to find a thing from many things to buy?? So I thought of getting out of the bazaar to the bus stand again to catch my bus. Continue reading →