Problems… A lot of them

I am going through a lot of problems both in real life and online. Forget the real life for now. I am having problems with my hosting. I think they lost my database and cannot find the backup. That suxx. I was too busy and didn’t backup my blog in last one and half month. So I am F****D up.

I will try to gather all the thing and back to normal in 3-4 days time.

Till then…

Think Nonsense…

Bad bad server

Web hosting blues

My web hosting blues continue. Today was the worst day I thought. may be because I was logged in for hours and my blog won’t. My blog went offline due to database error for almost three hours. Also I had “error connecting database” error in the morning 2-3 times. That is so frustrating. To add, I get notified by some readers that they are unable to read my blog. (They are literate mind you.)

I am having these problems for almost two months now. I waited in the hope that this problem will be solved soon. Unfortunately this ain’t happening. I don’t want to move to professional hosting as I get some 100 odd visitors. That don’t take much bandwidth. Why should I waste $4-5 a month? This question seems to be answered now.

I tried contacting admin who was giving me great support and help. Looks like he is not there. Else this wouldn’t happen. Just waiting for some payments. I’ll be moving for sure now.

Strange Thing

Many times strange things happen with me. I keep wondering why they happen with me?? May be because I always search for the positive side first. Or may be god has a special place for me. Actually he loves everyone equally. But I feel differently when these strange things happen. Let me tell you the reason for this.

I was on my job traveling from one site to other. There is a Bus stand that comes between the site. Nearby there is bazaar. It’s obvious so as to get more customers, bazaar is near the bus stand. As always there was lot of crowd. Good time to see chicks around. :love: So I just entered the bazaar and thought of buying something. Thankfully I had money due the salary.

The crowd in bazaar is so much that you hardly find a place  to step. Add to it the rains. Everywhere there was this muddy water which looks like tea. Ready made natural tea in today’s world of fast food. I didn’t find anything interesting to buy. Now call me a miser if you want. Is it so difficult to find a thing from many things to buy?? So I thought of getting out of the bazaar to the bus stand again to catch my bus. Continue reading →

Flock – The Social Browser

Just another web browser. For me it’s everything. It’s my default web browser. I was fed up of crashes with Firefox and high memory usage. The high memory usage problem still persists. Since the Browser is based on Firefox. But It doesn’t crashes. I don’t have to use many extensions as many features I want are integrated into it. I just love the Web clipboard feature. It’s like my life. Just clip to it and use it in my blog. Very simple. I can setup my blog through flock and never visit blog editor on my blog. The features of Blog editor are pretty neat. Then there is integration to many social networking sites and upload sites.


Flock 1.1 integrates social networking and media services including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. When logging into to any of the supported social services, Flock automatically activates these services within its features:

* Flock can indicate when friends have updated their profile, uploaded photos or other things.
* Flock has internal features that allow simpler sharing for text, links, photos or even entire videos.
* Flock has its own system allowing quick preview of online videos and photos, and subscription to video feeds.
* Flock’s Feed Reader organizes Atom and RSS feeds.
* Flock’s Blog Editor allows direct posting into a designated blog, along with being a blog reader.
* Flock also allows for third-party add-ons, including a number of Firefox extensions.

None in particular. Doesn’t support Windows 98 (I think so). Who uses that OS By the way.

Download Flock