Girls and Friendship

Do you know the relationship between two eyes..?
They blink together,
They move together,
They cry together,
They see things together and
They sleep together
BUT THEY NEVER SEE EACH OTHER.. that’s what’s friendship


But when a beautiful girl comes in front, one eye goes blink and the other remains open…

Moral of the story :
Girls can break even the best of friendships.

Some Rest

Today is Holiday. 1st May is Workers Day and so the workers should get some rest. Isn’t it?? It’s on this day I come to know that I’m a worker. Otherwise I feel that I’m still a student hungry for knowledge. Now a days the workload is too much and I don’t have time to breathe. It’s amazing how I live without breathing.

The same type of work with no twists and turns makes me boring. The twists and turns are only from the Boss side. Almost like in any office I too get fired for no reason. Sometimes this makes me think that “Am I paid to digest this sort of firing?” the answer comes as No always. But the problem remains as is.

So today is the day I’ll be having break from this. For one day ofcourse. You must be saying there is one more day known as Sunday. But there is no charm of a paid holiday in that. It’s like my right and the holidays like today are my bonus. Haven’t planned for the day. But I’ll be looking into my old dumped .net project which I’ve not touched due to this job.

Would be good if something different happens and I have a great time today.

Think Nonsense…

Mumbai Tour

I went to Mumbai for 3 days. Just back from there. Got many things to share. last 15 days I’ve been just traveling here and there. A step away from my real life and its a totally different world I visited.

Bad thing is that my PC is down and needs to be repaired. My good old buddy is finally dead after supporting me for a long time. It’ll take sometime to get it replaced. So you may not get the dose of my nonsense posts for a while.

Will be back soon..
Think Nonsense..

Back Again…

And I’m back. It’s been 8 days since I went for a break. I couldn’t post yesterday and today morning due to connection failure. Just wanted a break from this perpetual life for a while. I went to my uncles house. It’s really nice place to get yourself refreshed and get some energy into you. It’s a house, Better to call it as farmhouse, surrounded by trees. No coverage for my mobile, No computer, No good road leading to house, No noise. Very peaceful place.

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