What is the purpose of life??


To smile or to cry
To be happy or to make someone happy
To love all or to hate all
To fight or be peaceful
To help someone or to run away when someone needs you
To have “Job” written in bold or “Family”
To be truthful or to be liar
To make friends or to break friends
To die or to live…

Why do we have Nicknames?

Piggy chops, Bebo, chi-chi, ash, abhi, Big B, SRK, Jlo, Scarjo, Brangelina and so on. These words seem to be meaningless. They are. But while reading this you’ll ignore their meaninglessness(Wow!! What a word.. :w00t: ). That’s because you know these are the nicknames of celebrities. You will laugh at anyone else using these names if they weren’t celebrity nicknames. Is that the purpose of nicknames? To give others reason to laugh at you?

I’ll start with myself. (I talk a lot of things about myself on this blog.. Guess what? It’s my personal blog turned to nonsense. :pinch: ) I have a lot and lot of nicknames. Unlike most, I consider nicknames as gifts and as a measure. It is the measure of how much people around you love you. What they feel about you. The nick by which I write on this blog is about nine years old now. I got it when I was in Higher Secondary. I was known by that name to some friends. But my most used nick is Gullu. It sounds funny. But almost 90% of my friends call me by that name instead of my real name.

I’ll tell you one funny incident. I was new to orkut and was sending requests to friends by their e-mail ID’s. One of the friends replied, “Who are you? I don’t know you.” :dizzy:
I was a bit surprised and replied him as Gullu. Only then he was able to recognize me. I will never forget that incidence where my nick name superseded real name. After that whenever I sent a request I wrote Gullu in brackets besides my real name. This name is stuck to me like a birthmark.

Nick names are meaningless but for me they are priceless. My ears are always eager to hear Gullu rather than my real name. It shows love. Those who are in love will know this. Their GF or BF call each other by a lot of nicknames. Silly nicknames. Almost every person on this earth will have one nick name at least. However idiotic it may sound, just accept it(Exclusive of Bad words). Let the people laugh at you. You are the reason to spread smiles. :biggrin:

Till your nick lasts..

Think Nonsense…