Obesity. I don’t think I need to explain about this. Actually I discussed a bit about this topic earlier. For the lazy readers who cannot use the Search Nonsense Link, read it here. Of course only if you are interested in reading. If you are one those who came here to drop on my entrecard then you have a job to do. Don’t waste time reading nonsense.

This obesity matter is really a big problem. And is giving rise to new problems. Now it’s really difficult to control. The reason is, it’s spreading in animals too. Don’t believe me. Then have a look at the picture below.

Cat obesity pose

What are your suggestion to control it now???

Think Nonsense….

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  1. Junk food habits just give rise to unnecessary problems. McDonald’s is one of them.. 😮

    You have a nice blog..
    Approved… 😉

  2. Wow, that is one fat cat!! I’m sure there are a multitude of causes of obesity and as a result there’s not going to be one solution fixes all. I did read an interesting article that part of the problem is we will eat bad food. For example, McDonald’s is not good for you, most people know that. Yet they will go for the supersize without thinking because it’s a monetary bargain. The same with the super duper large soda, it’s a better bargain than the smaller soda. Food for thought 🙂

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