He is back.. He is badder…

For the last seven years he was hiding somewhere. In an unknown place to regain his strength and take control. He is successful in his attempt. The silence for the last seven years breaks. I was never expecting him to come at this time and at this stage of my life. Unable to decide what to do to get rid of him, I am just hoping that he leaves me soon.  I am talking about my temper, my anger. He is back.

It took a lot of effort to control my anger. But as you know anger is one emotion which is often uncontrollable. You never know what he can do with you. This was my case seven years back. I was short tempered and there were many who used to fear of me and my temper. No one knew when the dormant volcano would erupt. This was till I was introduced to a beautiful subject called Psychology. While learning this subject I learned many things about human behavior and how to control emotions. My temper turned into my patience which helped me a lot throughout these years. The days are over it seems.

It happened two days back. To be frank my temper showed signs of arriving during my last job when I burst on a labor. After that this event. My father made a policy on my name. The insurance agent tricked him for a policy which was almost out of our reach for yearly payment. My father made it clear that it should be one time payment only before making the policy. After making the policy the documents arrived in 15 days. I read the documents and shocked to see it was yearly payment and told him to convert this to one time only. There was another policy on my sisters name also. So he took the documents assuring that he will convert the policy.

After some days he gave documents to father saying that it’s changed. I was totally unaware of this. Then in December a call came from the insurance company which is named Reliance. Certainly not to be relied upon. That call said that I have 30 days grace period to make the payment. I was shocked and so was my father. I quickly called him about this and he told me to come to his office. I went there. He explained me why they are giving calls. I listened to all that blah blah and in the end asked for a receipt or a written statement that the policy is changed. He told me to come after 10 days. I remained quiet.

Then after ten days I called him again and he said he needed another 5 days to convert the policy. I said Ok and gave him another five days. And on Tuesday I called him at night. He didn’t received my fathers call earlier during the day. He didn’t received my call also. I kept trying and almost after 30-35 minutes later he received it. It was already too much and I shouted at him like never before. I had no control over my tongue. This was never before anger over someone. While talking my sister grabbed phone from me and started talking with him.

My parents didn’t like the way I talked. Now tell me how much patience I should have? Was I wrong here? I couldn’t think of anything else but that call. So I slept without blogging.  Still I am not able to forget this incidence. On one side I think I shouldn’t have talked like that. But on other side I think it’s the right thing I did. The grace period ends today. And there is no written statement given by him. I am told by parents to stay out of this now. Is it crime to express anger when a limit is crossed?

Surprisingly I know all the bad effects of anger. In spite of that I became angry. I don’t want to be like the seven years back me. At present the best thing I can do is to indulge in my work and forget this. I took a step forward by writing this post to get a relief. It does help when you tell how you feel to someone.

Finally, a question for my readers. What you would have done if you were in my place?

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