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Talking is an art which makes us different from the animals. We can talk and animals cannot. Actually they can but we don’t understand their language. I don’t know Chinese. That doesn’t mean that they are animals. Whatever language it is, we talk. That is the prime medium of communication. We express all the good and bad (I’ll not use ugly) through talking.

Talking involves two persons at least. That way we are able to share our views and ideas. We share our happiness. We share our sorrows. This talking helps us to know the other person. Relations are often founded by the way the other person talks. Looks and other things come in second. Sadly talking also leads to break-ups.

What about talking to yourself? Do you ever talk to yourself? I’ve seen persons who talk to themselves. Not just in their minds but they churn out the words through their mouth. What we think about them is they are crazy. They are mad. They need psychiatrist. What we don’t know is all of us have this habit. We talk to ourselves.

This happens when you don’t have anyone to share your feeling with. Like I said we talk to share happiness and sorrows. We reward ourselves when we do a good job. “You were f*****g great man!!!” Isn’t that what you say? I don’t hesitate to say that i do talk to myself. Almost everyday. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have anyone to share my feelings, but I don’t want to share some things. When you talk to yourself you try to pull the pressure down. It’s good. Don’t hesitate to talk to yourself.

You can read the following article related to this topic. I thought of posting this to stop people calling me crazy. Hey!! I am not crazy.

Does talking to yourself means you are crazy?

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  1. Bang on target on “useless inputs”. They do distract a lot. And how did you know I am thinking of follow-up article?? It’ll take sometime. I’ll do a track back to this article then.

  2. Talking to one’s own self is the best way to carry on a conversation without an argument. I have done this for over forty years and I tell you that is the best way to be highly focused and plan your strategies without “useless input” from other human beings. Self talk is especially prevalent amongst high achievers and Type A personalities. I think this is such an interesting topic and your writing style is so good, I would vote for a follow-on article on the same. Thank you!

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