A Better YOU

“Your task… to build a better world,” God said.

I answered, “How?… this world is such a large, vast place, and there’s nothing I can do.”

But God in all His wisdom said, “just build a better you.”

An obvious question to follow this conversation. Have you ever tried to build a better YOU? It’s very easy to teach someone good manners or inject good thoughts, but they are difficult to follow. A drunk man cannot advise anyone to NOT drink. Who will listen to him? Of course there are people who will take this. The reason is that they don’t want to end up as the person in front of them. But these are very rare cases.

You can’t spread joy unless you are happy.
You can’t spread positivity unless you are positive.
You can’t teach to fight unless you have fought first.
In fact, You can’t teach anything unless you know it well.
You can’t build a better human being unless you are one.

The Random Ramblings will continue..
Till then
Think Nonsense…

Interpersonal Communication

Communication, as we all know, is the most important part in our life. Whatever we do is done through communication. Rather it be via post, or via telephone, or via personal meetings. But this communication is important. Nothing moves without this. And when you are on a job or especially a businessman, This skill is of utmost important.

The reason for yelling out above lines is the blog I came across. The blog named “Better Interpersonal Communication“. As the name suggest the blog features various aspects of Interpersonal Communication. And yes. It’s definitely Better Interpersonal Communication. After reading for a while I thought it’s a must visit for all. You’ll surely gain something of that reading.

The blog is based on the simplest template of blogger. As a blogger I visit many blogs and review them in comments or in some other sites. And I find many cluttered blogs. This is not. Things are nicely arranged and is balanced on both sides. It got some good sidebar links leading external sites. But loads quick as they are splited on both sides. Continue reading →

Feeling Better

After four days now I somewhat feel better. It was terrible four days. I was not able to watch televisions due to headache. Not able to use my Computer. Thanks to my Mother. Not able to read (Hey!! I’m not illiterate nor blind). The thing I was missing most was my blog. Somehow I’m getting used to it and have to post here. At least visit once otherwise I feel uncomfortable.

Though I logged in for a short while yesterday it was for a short while. I thought of posting but i didn’t. I couldn’t. When I browse sites and blog I subscribe I can see many things happened in these three days. It will take some time to read through those blogs and the news clippings. I like to be aware of the happenings around me. It keeps me fresh and updated.

The interview I missed yesterday is on Saturday. I hope my voice clear ups by today evening. That way i can inform them about my status. That reminded me of my cell phone. When I looked at it it’s switched off. Damn…… Battery down. These days I hardly take any phone or make calls. Talks are mostly professional based only. Like those Desperate Housewives I am Desperate for a job.. 😀

Think Nonsense…