My Happy Valentines

Two years back… Valentines day. It is the most memorable valentines day so far.. To make this day exciting, I didn’t plan it. The only thing I had in my mind was to be with her for the whole day. So I picked her at 11 in morning. Then we went for shopping. I gifted her a dress and a ring. She gifted me a Cowboy hat. I look like a joker wearing that. I accepted it and was on my head. Just for her. I felt as if I am Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

It was lunch time when we finished our shopping. Few minutes later, we were in her favorite Restaurant. She ordered some continental dish. I am not a foodie. So I forget the dish names. Whatever it was, it tasted quite good.

After lunch, we went for a movie. At that time they were screening Definitely maybe. It’s still my favorite movie in Romance genre. Just outside the multiplex, there was a beach. We started walking on footpath. I saw a woman selling lovely teddy bears. She loved Teddy’s. I asked her to pick one. Then my hands went for wallet. What the heck!! Only cards and no cash. Quickly realized about cash advance feature of my card. Collected some cash from an ATM on other side of road. The smile on her innocent face was priceless. Best thing happened on that memorable day.

Though it was my best valentines day, I would like to tell you one thing. Never fear to express your love and don’t wait for valentines day.

Valentines Day – Ek Natya

हा माझ्या इंग्रजी पोस्टचा अनुवाद आहे. करावासा वाटला.

आज Valentines day. बहुतेक तरुण मंडळी हा दिवस आपले प्रेम व्यक्त करण्यासाठी “वापरतात”. मी असले “दिवस” साजरे करण्याच्या विरुद्ध आहे. वेळ बदलत आहे. माणुस पैश्यामागे वेडा होत चालला आहे. आणि त्यामुळे त्याला आपले प्रेम व्यक्त करण्यासाठी वेळ मिळत नाही. त्यामुळे हे दिवस जन्माला आले. त्यामुळेच Mothers day, Fathers Day, Peace Day, Friendship Day (माफ़ करा Friendship week) असे दिवस साजरे केले जातात.

पण अशा दिवसांसाठी थांबायचे का? तुम्हाला जर काहि बोलायचे आहे, प्रेम व्यक्त करायचे आहे, तर ते सरळ का बोलले जात नाही. हा संकोच फ़क्त दोन माणसांमध्ये अंतर निर्माण करतो. अशा “दिवसां” साठी थांबु नका.
प्रेम व्यक्त करा.

Think Nonsense..

Valentines Day

Today is valentines day. Many celebrate it to express love towards someone. but personally I’m against it. Time is changing and man always runs after money. he gets no time to express love. Hence the “Days” in the year. We have Mothers day, Fathers Day, Peace Day, Friendship Day(Sorry its Friendship week).

So we wait for these Days to arrive to express something. But for me Everyday is these “Days”. Why someone has to wait to express himself\herself?? If you want ot express say it. The hesitation does nothing but the distance between two persons. So don’t wait for such “Days”. Just say it.

Think Nonsense…