As I see it

As per the schedule of blog theme posts this is my first one. I wanted a blog which is lesser know to others. That helps for the promotion of blog. So going through all my favorites list and bookmarks I ended up finding this blog. To be frank I am not a regular reader and he is not a regular blogger. 😉 So keeping this common thing in mind I felt of reviewing this blog.

The author of the blog is a guy named prateek and the blog is As I see it. Looking at the blog archive it’s three years old. The archive is small but contains good readings. He got a good humor. It is sprinkled all over his posts. The very common things are expressed in a different way. And that is the thing I look while reading blogs. Continue reading →

Nonsense Revamped

After a lot of thinking (???) I made a list of changes for my blog. These changes are due to very less time I am getting online. I need some sleep. Currently I sleep around 1-1:30 am. I hardly get six hours of sleep which is necessary for anyone. In order to make my life easy and continue blogging journey I decided these changes. This is to achieve 30 readable posts per month. So here are the changes.

1) Sunday Review: I read a lot of blogs. Some are good, some are bad and some are ugly. I want to review them. Bad and ugly blogs need to be improved or else find a place in bin. I don’t expect backlinks or blogroll links or any mention for this. If they feel it’s necessary then I’ll be happy. I expect all my criticism if any to be taken in positive manner. I want blogs to improve including my blog.  If you don’t take it positive then you know what happens when positive meets negative. A short circuit.

2) Tuesday Readings: These are the posts I liked. It is not necessary that all blogs have all good posts. But I feel every blog contains at least one good post. And I’ll just try to pick that out. Don’t ever check the date and time of the post. The post may be a day old or a week or a year. Maybe more than that. I’ll post what I liked and read in past week or so. Continue reading →