Mithya – A Pleasing Lie

I saw this movie 2 days back. It’s very good movie and something different from the daily masala movies released. Rajat Kapoor has created a gang of his actors to make some fine movies. This film is written by him and Saurav Shukla who also plays an important character in this film. Rajat Kapoor is a fine actor and director. And “Mithya” proves it.

The film revolves around a poor junior artist VK (Ranveer Shorey) struggling to get a lead role. And this is the time when you’ll have lot of laughs. The struggle for getting money, How he gets into different shoots, As a dubbing artist, Some scenes at barber shop. It all makes you laugh. But faith has something different for VK. It’s a coincidence that VK and underworld don Rajabhai has similar faces. The enemy gang of Rajabhai decides to plant him in place of Rajabhai. This gang includes Vinay Pathak, Naseeruddin Shah, Neha Dhupia and Saurav Shukla. Continue reading →

Halla Bol

I watched this movie yesterday. Thought of giving a review here. You have probably watched this movie or may have read the critics that its not a good film. But for me it’s a good film. I cannot call it fantastic or superb but it’s a good film indeed.

Ajay Devgan plays the role of Sameer Khan (Ashpak during the start) . A guy who plays street dramas named Halla Bol. Pankaj Kapoor is his Guru. to try his luck in actings he travels to Mumbai and after a struggle for months he gets a film “Azaadi” turning hit. Then hits after hits lead him to a Superstar level. But now he fears to fight against the truth and fears to loose his gained Superstar name. And hence he doesn’t stand as an eye witness for a murder which of course happened in front of him. Continue reading →