October – Movie Review

Varun Dhawan

I am completely bored of Hindi movies. Especially those which fall into romance genre. It is always the usual crap. The crux of such movies doesn’t change. Only the treatment of the movie makes it different. Since the last decade, they are reaching new heights of vulgarity. It’s unbearable but yet many of those make it to the 100 Crore club. Thanks to the audience which is not yet ready to fully accept offbeat or parallel cinema.

October is one of those rare gems which doesn’t need anyone else to determine it’s value. A milestone in Hindi movies which can lead Hindi movies into a completely different era where parallel cinema doesn’t exists. It becomes a part of mainstream cinema itself.

This is a simple love story between Dan and Shuili. Both are doing hotel management in the same hotel. They are shown as good friends and nothing else. Then one day, Shuili falls from third floor and slips into coma. Dan is disturbed when he sees her disfigured and attached to life saving machines. A couple of days later, he comes to know that Shuili was asking his whereabouts just before the fall. This changes Dan’s perspective towards her. He starts to think that she loves him which results in his frequent visits to the hospitals. The rest of the movie showcases their bond. Is it love? It looks like that. Or is it something more than friendship? That is totally up to you to figure out.

Dan’s character is something you’ve never ever seen in reel life. Many of you may not have seen such a character in real life. That one character scores home run for this movie single handed. He is weird, absurd, unconventional, unreal, crazy, stupid etc. etc. but you will love him. You will laugh at what he does. He makes you think from his simple talk. Dan reminds me of Ove from ” A man called Ove” which made me love him more. Towards the end of the movie, there’s a mysterious scene. The way I interpreted it was that, Shuili meets Dan for one last time before continuing her journey forward. Let me know what you thought about the scene.

If you are hungry for watching good cinema, just grab the ticket for the next show and watch it. Don’t watch it if you are too much into movies starring Khan’s. This is not for you. 10/10

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