Holi – The Festival of Colors

Today is Holi. It is called as festival of colors. On this day friends, relatives meet and play with colors. It’s very difficult to recognize someone this day due to the colorful face. There are some who are afraid of these colors and try to save themselves. It’s real good fun to color such peoples. Unfortunately I never find someone like this.

This is one of the festival where skin color, race, religion does not matter. All come together and celebrate this. Such festival often show the unity in peoples. People forget their differences and become friends again. Such is the capability of this festival.

Fortunately or unfortunately I’m so far saved from being colored today. In our town we’ll play colors on a day which will be decided soon. That day I’m sure you’ll see a color”fool” face.

To all Indians all around the world I wish Happy Holi.
Have a colorful day.