Trafficswarm – a failure

I heard a lot about this site. So I registered and thought of giving it a try. Basically it is another site which helps you to build traffic for your blog or website. You need to surf for whatever time you want. Earn credits for what you have surfed. Usually you get to click some links and every click gives different amount of credits.

It varies from 1 to 1000 they say. So far the highest I got was 5 credits. The concept is very simple. The credits you earn are redeemed towards ads for your site. For every display of ad 1 credit gets deducted. There are types of ads you can configure. Some type of ads are bigger and get you noticed but cost more credits.

The thing I didn’t like was the credit deduction. It gets deducted for display. So you are never sure of a click. And that means you are not sure of traffic. That’s a big minus. I sign and do task in order to get sure shot traffic. Like Linkreferral, I do task I get traffic. I don’t do I don’t get. So far I hardly got any hits from trafficswarm. I was expecting it to be as good as Linkreferral. But it’s nowhere near to it. Continue reading →


The day I started this blog again and put content, I wanted more and more visitors on my blog. My earlier blog theme had google adsense so that I can make some revenue. But in this theme I removed all that and it’s clean again. I tried many tips and SEO stuff so that my blog gets good hits. As you can see I got 4200+ by all the efforts.

Since I’m active in many forums and blogs, I edited my profiles and signatures so that I get some hits. It worked and I got a good start. With the help of counter I came to know that many even bookmarked my blog. It’s really good to know that people like my nonsense. And most of the hits come now from bookmarks. It’s soothing but I want more and more new visitors.

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