​People are always envy of your knowledge. Make one mistake and they’ll blame it on your knowledge. Laugh,Learn, Move on. Because they don’t know that what you are today is all because you decided to face consequences for your mistakes. 

Sometimes… You may make the same mistake twice. Maybe more than that. Once you have committed the mistake, You would be wondering how did I made the same mistake again? And then you’ll ask the same question again. It happens. You are human. Humans make mistakes. You cannot afford to drag this situation. Take a step towards the solution. Even that means another mistake. Try not to repeat the mistake. 

That said, If you keep repeating the mistakes, Then you should look for help. Get a third person perspective in that situation. An experienced or wise person is the best choice in such a case. But if you don’t get that, You can even try the dumbest person you know. Remember, You are looking for a different perspective. It doesn’t have to be a right one. 

Your whole life is based on mistakes. Sometimes, Even you are the result of a failed condom or contraceptive. That shouldn’t stop you from living your life. You always get an opportunity to correct your mistakes. What’s important is you should keep looking for that opportunity. 

Till you make another mistake… 

Think Nonsense.. 

Can you say Condom???

Condom Condom

Almost a month now. Around that time a ring tone was released by BBC world service trust just to spread AIDS awareness. This ring tone is cappella. I came to know about this word for the first time. Before you google it I’ll give you the meaning of that word. It means a song in which there is no instrument involved. It is just vocal and human voice. Don’t expect dogs to sing.

Since it’s release it has been downloaded thousands of time. I wonder how many of those downloads are just for show off. In other words just to keep the ring tone as a part of fun and use it for some laughter. I doubt that all will set that as a ring tone which is for a purpose and that is to spread AIDS awareness. Continue reading →